Did we vow never ever?

Image courtesy of stylorectic, shoes from Topshop
Cara Delevigne | Makeup @ Stella McCartney F/W 2012-13
A model off duty in her Isabel Marant sneakers - image courtesy Elle

White shoes, blue mascara, high top sneakers/trainers… what’s next?

I will reiterate the words of blogger Eszter of Stylorectic, “ok, stop it with white shoes are now damned” but add blue mascara and high top sneakers/trainers.  Recently at a party, my friends and I noticed that one pair of shoes stood out from the sea of darkness – a gorgeous leggie beauty wearing to die for white shoes!  We so wanted to say “quel horreur” but instead all said “j’adore” almost simultaneously.

Love them or hate them, it seems all the things we once said never again to after our teenage years are coming back but with a fresher, edgier approach.  I never thought I would be saying this again but I’m off to find blue mascara!  Never say never as they say!!

White shoes, blue mascara, high top sneakers – what do you think?

Did we vow never ever?

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