Oh So ’60s

Mad Men Style - 60s Luxe

Arlette – a modern block heel shoe
$275 – mo-saique.com

The late 1960s was a period of electricity in fashion. The world and it’s social structures were changing rapidly and the style of dress reflected that. After a decade where all dresses were long(ish) and all waists were cinched, the 60s came alot and transformed silhouettes for women. And like the cut of the clothes, the idea of what it is to be a women started to loosen up. Suddenly, the Western world begin to realize that being female could mean being strong, independent, world-aware – while still being representations of feminine beauty.

mad men office fashion

So when you add amazing costumes to the high drama storyline for TV’s Mad Men, what you’ve got a the perfect storm for style inspiration. The hit show has a number of great representations of women embracing the modernity of the times in both their professional and their wardrobe choices. The ’60s-inspired outfit above might be seen on Megan, the show’s resident fashionista, though her version of the dress would probably be a few inches shorter…

megan draper fashion

The Arlette pump, is a prime pair for welcoming a shade of ’60s into your wardrobe while still keeping it contemporary and very relevant to today’s fashion palette. They feature a classic block heel, and a pale green suede which looks great which solids, neutrals, brights, and pattern alike.

megan draper mini dress

photos: amctv.com, raleighvintage.blogspot.com

Oh So ’60s

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