Summer Suede

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Have you ever wondered whether it’s okay to wear suede during the spring and summer seasons? Well, you’re not alone. While some old-school fashion rules have long been dismissed, this is a question that modern women seem to still be grappling with. Here’s what the fashion web community has to say.

@splashofcolour via Chictopia Stylist Forum:

“Suede can be worn any time of year. I would wear suede in summer, its the best season for it in my opinion because there’s less chance of it getting messed up by rain. Plus purple would go great with some of the brightly colored dresses and accessories that are about this season.”

@Gdot via

I still think it is especially dapper to vary ones shoes with the seasons a bit. I won’t wear loafers in the winter, nor heavy dark colored laceups in the summer. I wear dark suede in the winter and tobacco or snuff suede in the summer. These rules are not hard and fast, and there are exceptions taken….but some seasonal variety is good! It only makes sense – if your attire is lighter colored in the summer – as it is for many – won’t a lighter colored shoe be more appropriate?

@Queen Mum via forum

I would say if it is a summery color and cut, it should be fine.

Seems like suede accessories during the warmer months has been given the green light! And fashion-forward designers seem to agree. Check out this collection of hot spring and summer suede shoes and bags.

Summer Suede

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