Summertime 2013: A Feast for the Senses!


It’s officially Summer! Today we (in the Northern Hemisphere) revel in the longest day of year and everything is touched with glow of sunny excitment – for impending vacations, summer festivals, and celebrations of all sorts. Of course, having the right summer wardrobe is part and parcel to making the most of the season, but we also like to massage our other senses with warm weather goodies.

Summer Recipes

I love to entertain in the summer, so new and tasty cocktail ideas are always welcome. Can’t wait to try some of these ideas from Cupcakes & Cashmere, especially the Sweet Nectarine Kiss. Mmm.

Summer Music

In the summertime I’m always drawn to laid back, tropically inspired sounds that would be ideal for taking it easy in a beachtown somewhere. This year that’s colored with my current preoccupation with 60s – 70s jazz & James Bond. Would love some suggestions for my playlist!

Summer Shoes

And of course, the right combo of summer footwear to cover me from beachside in Spain to barside in Brooklyn. Mo Saique’s Spring/Summer collection is entitle ‘Lunar Eclipse’

This is the journey of a heroine: creative, liberated, rebellious, confident. Every step she takes is filled with the vibrancy of her emotions. Solid and explosive colours celebrate our heroine’s fun yet intriguing side. She will wear metallic flats for practical sophistication and futuristic appeal and turn heads with a pulsating mix of tribal, rock and neon.

Summertime 2013: A Feast for the Senses!

The Return of Bespoke

shoe forms

In an age when people are growing increasingly interested in sustainable lifestyles, belief in the value of quality over quanity is on the rise. The modern stylista knows that when something is tailor-made from quality materials, it’s bound to last and get plenty of use. Accordingly, a return to including more bespoke fashion in one’s wardrobe makes perfect sense. For generations the term bespoke has generally been used in reference to menswear, while custom womenswear is the realm of haute couture. The realm of French-approved high fashion, though, is a very exclusive club – and not only because of the high cost. On the other hand bespoke traditions are what make a ‘Handmade in Made in England’ stamp so appealing to those who believe in investing in good style.

Bespoke garments and accessories are an ideal choice for life’s special events but are also a good way to fulfill those very specific holes in your wardrobe. Who among us can’t relate to the experience of buying multiple pairs of shoes in an attempt service a certain style need? It’s a waste of cash & space, and it’s certainly not green. In these cases, and for those with feet that are hard to fit, custom-made could be the way to go. You’ll get exactly what you need and will get to play designer for a bit!

In addition to seasonal collections, Mo Saique shoes makes bespoke footwear for stylish clients across the globe. Led by designer Afua Dabanka, the brand delivers custom, luxury footwear for use in a variety events – from lavish weddings to designer catwalks. Click here to make an inquiry or obtain a private appointment.

The Return of Bespoke

It’s Wedding Season.

June is here! This means that those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are heading headlong into the glorious days of summer. Even if the season is only a handful of weeks long (or especially if so) summertime invites all sorts of celebration and general merrymaking. So it’s a natural choice for weddings of all kinds. If you’re the butterfly type – or you’re just at “that age” – you might have several in one season to attend. So here’s a little inspiration for what to wear to weddings this summer. Cheers!

For the city-chic guest

Summer Weddings: Satin Shift

For the romantic, modern bride.

Summer Weddings: Easy Breezy Bridal

For the Girly guest

Summer Weddings: Cinched Waist

Bootie boots
$380 –

For the Modern, Bombshell Bride

Summer Weddings: Bombshell Bride

$435 –

For the Cazh Guest

Summer Weddings: Mise en Cazh

It’s Wedding Season.