It’s Wedding Season.

June is here! This means that those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are heading headlong into the glorious days of summer. Even if the season is only a handful of weeks long (or especially if so) summertime invites all sorts of celebration and general merrymaking. So it’s a natural choice for weddings of all kinds. If you’re the butterfly type – or you’re just at “that age” – you might have several in one season to attend. So here’s a little inspiration for what to wear to weddings this summer. Cheers!

For the city-chic guest

Summer Weddings: Satin Shift

For the romantic, modern bride.

Summer Weddings: Easy Breezy Bridal

For the Girly guest

Summer Weddings: Cinched Waist

Bootie boots
$380 –

For the Modern, Bombshell Bride

Summer Weddings: Bombshell Bride

$435 –

For the Cazh Guest

Summer Weddings: Mise en Cazh

It’s Wedding Season.

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