3 skirt outfits you’re gonna want to wear this spring

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to reinvent your wardrobe. After a long, cold winter, it’s time to shed the layers and bring out the colors! We believe these three outfits are not only chic and wearable, but they also show off your personality. We hope you find them inspiring!

Black and roll
This is not your regular “office” outfit, thought it may look like it at first. The white crop shirt is paired with a polka dot pencil skirt and Isabella Blue heels. The outfit gets an edge from the biker jacket combined with the statement coral necklace and exaggerated cat eye sunglasses. The shoes add a necessary pop of color and they do their job of making you feel fabulous.
Spring days

This look is all about comfort and femininity. The 1960s mod combination of mini skirt, trench coat, loafers and crossbody bag becomes a little more sophisticated with the romantic embellished top. The color palette stays neutral, with just a couple of shades of pink that remind us of spring blooms. And isn’t the bee brooch the perfect accessory?


Slightly layered

An unexpected combination of casual and chic, this outfit pairs a printed pencil skirt with a silk tank top and a denim jacket. The Indian Summer sandals bring elegance to the look, as does the pink Chanel bag. Accessorized with a chunky bangle and cat eye sunglasses, this outfit is the definition of spring.

Which one would you wear?

3 skirt outfits you’re gonna want to wear this spring

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