Shoes + jeans, a pairing guide

There isn’t another fabric as particular and popular as denim is. From toddlers to business women, from fashion industry moguls to hipsters, everyone owns and loves jeans. But we figured it’s not always easy to find the right pair of shoes to go with them. And since shoes are our specialty, we put together this small guide on how to properly pair shoes with the trendiest jeans of the moment:

How to pair jeans with shoes | MO SAIQUE

1. Valentino jeans + Jazz mules

2. Acne jeans + Jadis stilettos

3. Tom Ford jeans +  Jo flats

4. Closed jeans + Haidee shoes

5. Osman jeans + James sandals 

6. Current Elliott jeans + Iceberg oxfords

Shoes + jeans, a pairing guide

Enki Eyewear Aksum//Africa 2013 Lookbook

Enki Eyewear | Mo-Saique

Admittedly, this lookbook is two years old. But: the sunglasses are still perfectly trendy, and the photographs… oh, the photographs! Shot by Sarah Christensen in Omo Valley Ethiopia, the campaign brings us on the land of the Mursi tribe.

A little background information on Enki Eyewear: they’re an Australian label that likes to do things differently. The best example comes from their campaigns, which step outside the cliche norm. “The whole idea behind the Enki eyewear campaigns is to show the ancient cultures, tribes and indigenous people of this planet. We don’t use models, only the local people of the countries that we visit. Their pure expression and beauty is what attracts us. The way they look and the way they live is so inspiring. We love the way tribes live sustainably and in harmony with their environment. We really want people to see these photos and be inspired to express themselves in an organic way and to rediscover their connection with themselves, the Earth and all its living creatures.”

See another amazing campaign – this time shot in India – here.

Enki Eyewear | Mo-Saique Enki Eyewear | Mo-Saique Enki Eyewear | Mo-Saique Enki Eyewear | Mo-Saique Enki Eyewear | Mo-Saique

Enki Eyewear Aksum//Africa 2013 Lookbook