8 looks to steal this summer

It can be a little difficult to stay stylish when the heat becomes unbearable, but we still think it can be done! And we’ve been eyeing some really good outfits that we think will inspire you. Here are 10 looks to steal this summer, directly from street style stars and celebs:

9 looks to steal this summer  | MO SAIQUE

1. We love the cute mustard romper Solange is wearing! With a skinny belt, sandals and stylish cat-eye sunglasses, the singer is ready for a bike ride, but also for an impromptu cocktail. (photo source)

9 looks to steal this summer  | MO SAIQUE

2. Another way to wear flat sandals and looking more than put together! The midi checkered skirt is paired with a plain white t-shirt and a mysterious hat, just what you need in the summer sun. (photo source)

9 looks to steal this summer  | MO SAIQUE

3. This relaxed jumpsuit is the essence of comfort! With a pair of blue heeled shoes, it’s instantly transformed into a stylish look worthy of date night or happy hour. (photo source)

9 looks to steal this summer  | MO SAIQUE

4. Sometimes, it’s as easy as pairing a simple, white shirt with a statement skirt and heels. No further accessories needed. (photo source)

9 looks to steal this summer  | MO SAIQUE

5. When even a dress seems like too much trouble, try Leandra Medine’s solution: beautiful scarves tied together! She paired hers with brogues and a colorful clutch, plus her charming big smile. (photo source)

9 looks to steal this summer  | MO SAIQUE

6. A flowy, polka dotted maxi dress is airy and dreamy, but it’s also a big fashion statement if you pair it with the proper heeled sandals and a cool clutch. And, of course, sunglasses! (photo source)

9 looks to steal this summer  | MO SAIQUE

7. Printed wide leg pants look their best with wedge sandals that make your legs super long! We love how this gal styled hers with a knotted strapless tote and the cutest basket bag. (photo source)

9 looks to steal this summer  | MO SAIQUE

8. How fun is Caroline Issa’s printed maxi dress? She might as well be headed for the beach on a tropical vacation! (photo source)

8 looks to steal this summer

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for 2014

For the fashionista: Classic shapes and silhouettes turned all the way up with bold, trendy colors with statement accessories.

Punchy + Pretty

MO SAIQUE | Hakuun
$515 – mo-saique.com

For the girly girl: Soft and delicate pink and florals with heirloom-worthy jewelry.

Pretty in Pink

Pink sandals
$505 – mo-saique.com

For the bad girl: Attention grabbing color and body-con clothing that makes the bride wonder if you should have been invited.

Always a Guest, Never a Bridesmaid

$645 – mo-saique.com

For the tomboy: Tailored jacket and pants, inspired by the boys, but punctuated with femininine florals and vibrant pumps.

Suited Lady

$530 – mo-saique.com

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for 2014

Summertime 2013: A Feast for the Senses!


It’s officially Summer! Today we (in the Northern Hemisphere) revel in the longest day of year and everything is touched with glow of sunny excitment – for impending vacations, summer festivals, and celebrations of all sorts. Of course, having the right summer wardrobe is part and parcel to making the most of the season, but we also like to massage our other senses with warm weather goodies.

Summer Recipes

I love to entertain in the summer, so new and tasty cocktail ideas are always welcome. Can’t wait to try some of these ideas from Cupcakes & Cashmere, especially the Sweet Nectarine Kiss. Mmm.

Summer Music

In the summertime I’m always drawn to laid back, tropically inspired sounds that would be ideal for taking it easy in a beachtown somewhere. This year that’s colored with my current preoccupation with 60s – 70s jazz & James Bond. Would love some suggestions for my playlist!

Summer Shoes

And of course, the right combo of summer footwear to cover me from beachside in Spain to barside in Brooklyn. Mo Saique’s Spring/Summer collection is entitle ‘Lunar Eclipse’

This is the journey of a heroine: creative, liberated, rebellious, confident. Every step she takes is filled with the vibrancy of her emotions. Solid and explosive colours celebrate our heroine’s fun yet intriguing side. She will wear metallic flats for practical sophistication and futuristic appeal and turn heads with a pulsating mix of tribal, rock and neon.

Summertime 2013: A Feast for the Senses!

Summer Suede

Simple | Summer | Chic

Have you ever wondered whether it’s okay to wear suede during the spring and summer seasons? Well, you’re not alone. While some old-school fashion rules have long been dismissed, this is a question that modern women seem to still be grappling with. Here’s what the fashion web community has to say.

@splashofcolour via Chictopia Stylist Forum:

“Suede can be worn any time of year. I would wear suede in summer, its the best season for it in my opinion because there’s less chance of it getting messed up by rain. Plus purple would go great with some of the brightly colored dresses and accessories that are about this season.”

@Gdot via styleforum.net

I still think it is especially dapper to vary ones shoes with the seasons a bit. I won’t wear loafers in the winter, nor heavy dark colored laceups in the summer. I wear dark suede in the winter and tobacco or snuff suede in the summer. These rules are not hard and fast, and there are exceptions taken….but some seasonal variety is good! It only makes sense – if your attire is lighter colored in the summer – as it is for many – won’t a lighter colored shoe be more appropriate?

@Queen Mum via youlookfab.com forum

I would say if it is a summery color and cut, it should be fine.

Seems like suede accessories during the warmer months has been given the green light! And fashion-forward designers seem to agree. Check out this collection of hot spring and summer suede shoes and bags.

Summer Suede