LFW: Spotlight on British-Made Fashion

made in the uk
London Fashion Week SS14 is in full swing, and the world has its aesthetic eye turned toward British fashion. In recent years, LFW has experienced a resurgence in popularity and high regard amongst the public and industry insiders alike. Of the international fashion capitals, LFW has emerged as the place to view avante garde – the future of fashion.

From new Central Saint Martins grads to established fashion houses, brands and designers in the UK capitalize on the fusing long standing traditions of English tailoring and bespoke fashion with the innovative opportunities of a new global community.

With the likes of Savile Row building the foundations of British fashion tradition, the current zeal for shirting & suiting in women’s fashion is well framed in London and is a taughtly curated collection like 1205.

But it’s not just the austere side being British that’s fueling the interest in UK style. London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world – a penultimate represation of the new global community. The city fosters a unique blend of cultural references that make up a modern style palette. This notion of globalism was cheekily displayed in the playful collection from Ashish.


Beyond the aesthetic influence of London Fashion Week, there’s a renewed interest in fashion that’s made in the UK. For a growing number of savvy shoppers, quality is trumping quanitity, allowing room for small run or made-to-order garments. It’s counter to the fast-fasthion philosophy, but still grabbing the attention of big business. An article in Financial times reports that customers in the UK and in America regard a Made in Britain label as reflecting the values of integrity, quality, and heritage:

    “There is now an awareness of UK-based production that appeals to our customers as a mark of integrity and quality,” says Julie Deane, founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company.

    “The main selling points are that well made British clothes are the real thing. They come with a rich history and tradition and a confidence [in the quality],” says Joe Dixon, vice-president of production at Brooks Brothers.

In keeping with the commitment to quality and ethical fashion, Mo Saique produces it’s high-end designer and bespoke footwear in the UK. You can now shop the “Made in Britain” Autumn / Winter 2013 collection on mo-saique.com. The range includes your all of your fall season essentials with the patently Mo Saique twist.


LFW: Spotlight on British-Made Fashion